October 26, 2008

Steak Pendants

SteakmarkerOkay, so I picked up these steak pendants this morning and they've been sitting on the side table calling me all morning. Went out to the garage and brought in the dremel and some bits to drill holes to turn into pendants.

After a good 15 minutes to complete one hole (these appear to be stainless steele), went to the shed and brought in the drill. Located a bit of the same side and now, the task is much better; about 6-7 minutes each. Put a hole in the top center of 5 of the 10. The drilling left a burr on the back of each, so pulled the dremel back out (along with the deburring wheel) and remove the rough spots.

Pulled out my container of chains and selected some ball chain to make a couple pendants. Selected some warm brown beads and put together with basic findings. Attached it all together.

Think I'll post these two out on Etsy when i get some decent pictures taken.

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