September 28, 2002

Provence China : Mosaic Entry Way Table

6/3/2010 :  This piece is uploaded from my Art Diary maintained on the Bell South Personal Web pages between 2002 and 2006.   I never offered this table for sale.   I ended up using in it my front entry for a couple years, and now it's on a back wall.    I actually no longer want it, just haven't been motivated yet to move it out to a new home.


August 20, 2002

Selected table for next 'inside' project. Table purchased several weeks ago at a yard sale. It has a shelf that sits underneath main table that will be repaired.

Beau (being the great sport that he is), took table apart and sanded for me. 

August 21, 2002

Started breaking dishes for mosaic on entry table. Selected set of dishes named 'Provence' from previous yardsale. Set consists of 8 plates; 8 saucers; 7 bowls and 8 coffee cups.

Glass is being broken with tile cutters, versus breaking with hammer, to maintain control of keeping pattern and finished tile size under control.

It took approx. 3 1/2 hours to cut the glass to desired sizes. 

August 22, 2002
Selected a shade of green for table legs, sides and bottoms. Painted two on an surfaces not to receive mosaic, spaced several hours apart.

 August 23, 2002
Continued process glass. Started nipping the corners off all of the pieces of cut 'glass' tile. This will give a uniformity of appearance and remove the sharp corners. Due to amount of glass involved, this will take 4 - 5 hours.

August 24, 2002
Apply 2 coats high gloss varnish to all painted (non-mosaic) surfaces. This step will be completed over several days ... it takes about 8 hours for each coat to dry ... legs are painted seperately on each side.

Note that Varnish is much more difficult and time consuming (not to mention the smell) than poly acrylic, but the result (in my opinion) just can't be beat.

August 26, 2002
Scored table with box knife and started mosaic on bottom shelf. Mosaic being applied to table with tile mastic.
 August 28, 2002
Finished second shelf to the Entry Table. Set aside to dry.

August 29, 2002
Mosaic to table top in progress. Deciding whether to process coffee cups for side panels, use existing "left-over" glass from top, or paint. 

August 30, 2002
Pulled the 7 coffee cups that match the plate set from inventory. Cut cuts down to maintain pattern. Unfortunately, this glass was rather fragile and I was not able to save the handles. 

August 31, 2002
Applied coffee cup pieces to edges of entry table. Each piece is trimmed with nippers and deburred with a hand file at point of application. The tessarae is applied with mastic, as was the top.

After application complete, table will be set aside overnight, then thoroughly cleaned to remove any mastic on tile. Table will then rest at least a week, before grouting. 

September 27, 2002
a) Mixed grout. Started with plain white and tinted with small amount of acrylic paint (same color as legs), in an old butter container.
b) Applied grout to table (top & sides, as well as bottom shelf), pressing between cracks and crevices with hands until complete.
c) Scrapped top of table with plastic butter knife to pull off excess grout on top of glass shards (easier to wiping it all off with the sponge).
d) Removed remaining grout with damp sponge, rinsing sponge after each wipe.
e) Allowed table tops to dry for about an hour, then buffed glass shards with soft clean/dry cloth to remove built up haze from grout.

 September 28, 2002
Applied two heavy coats of Impregnator, a stain and water sealer to table tops and sides to protect finish. Allowed sealer to soak in for ten minutes, then wiped remaining liquid from tops of glass. (Let this stuff dry on the glass and it's pretty tough to get off).

Later tonight the glass on the tables will be cleaned with vinegar and buffed to bring to ultimate shine. Tomorrow, or Monday, I'll attach the legs and photograph.

This piece is named Provence and will be made available for sale in the Mosaic Gallery.

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