September 14, 2002

Yard Sale Saturday, 9-14-2002

6/13/2002:  Transferred from my Bellsouth Personal Web Pages, Art Diary

Yard Sale Saturday
  Saturday, September 14, 2002
It's raining again. Tropical Storm Hanna is out there in the gulf; but garage sales go on !!!
No great finds today, but did come across various things I'll be able to use.
For example ... some odds and ends of costume jewelry (a whole pack for 50 cents), 2 place settings of a black patterned china, a china pocket thing that I bought to break the flower from, an old tack hammer and rasp (a girl never has too many tools); some wire, craft sticks and bowls for concrete molds.
Oh yeah .. best find was the glass door knobs. These will probably find there way into concrete some day. Overall, not bad. (But, if I keep dragging glass home, I've got to get going and break it up soon. I'm running out of room around here).

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