October 07, 2002

Paint Leaf Castings

 6/20/2010:  Transferred this entry from my Personal Art Calender (Bellsouth).  These pieces still hang on our shed.   They held up remarkably well; including the paint finish.  

Paint Leaf Castings
Monday, October 7, 2002

A month back I created about a dozen leaf castings. Of these, 8 made it through with no cracks. I'm ready to being process of experimenting with paint techniques.

a) Washed up concrete leaves well, removing remaining leaf structure. (Amazingly enough, a couple of these still had the leaf intact, and leaf was still partially green!).
b) Let dry for several hours.
c) After dinner, set up paints. Applied one coat of watered down acrylic white paint to front and back.
d) Applied one coat of watered down green (two different shades; 4 leaves ea) acrylic paint.
e) Left to dry overnight. 

Paint Leaf Castings
Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Painted each of the leaves, using multiple colors and trying several different techniques.

Left to dry overnight. 

Paint Leaf Castings
Thursday, October 10, 2002

Moved leaves to table on back porch and set on several layers of newspaper. Applied two coats of sealer (Amor-All brand) to each side over the course of four hours.

No pictures today .... camera batteries are recharging.


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