July 29, 2008

Book Pages

Continuing along. I managed not to start any new pages ... ie., first layer today. I think if I just continue with 2nd - 4th of 5th layers on all the pages currently in progress, I might finish up by the weekend.

I have to go to Slidell tomorrow and I'll make a stop by Hobby Lobby for some sewing supplies. I'd like to pickup a couple border type stencils (yes, I know I can make my own), and some heavy duty sewing thread for taking on the next set of placemats ... future experiments on canvas.

Scavangered through the shed this afternoon and came out with some hardware cloth and sandpaper.. Tried it for pattern with spray paint ... It didn't lay quite flat enough and the pattern was not impressive. The sandpaper was interesting, makes nice lines through the paint, particular when the paper is placed over a piece of wood before sanding. I've never tried any of the salt techniques out there ... thinking of trying that tomorrow.Book07

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