August 10, 2008

Tote 3

I woke up early this morning, so took Tote 3 out to the back porch and put on the first layer of spray paint designs before heading out to yard sales at 7am. Late afternoon, brought back in and added paint and permenant marker details. Then, back out to the porch for a little more spray paint. I have a tendency to spray paint my left hand while holding the stencils. I don't mind; it wears off within a day. But, it's driving Beau nuts ... he follows me around with the WD-40 can to get the paint off. So, for household harmony, brought out the box of latex gloves (leftover from the concrete/grout days) and I'll start wearing one when spray painting. Tote303 Tote304

I'm not happy with the way the straps look. Will play with them a little more tomorrow, decide on the cording and apply the polyacrylic.

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