August 02, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday, August 2, 2008

I got distracted and followed a lime green sign off my designated yard sale route. Big mistake ... took me way out of the beaten path, found nothing of interest there and ate up 30 minutes of my alotted time.Yss080208

Finds ....
-- One plastic pencil container. (I love these for storage of small items ... they stack wonderfully and I pick them up whenever I find them ... as long as they are 50 cents or less).
-- 4 scarves
-- Superdog childrens book. Great animations to possible use as background papers.
-- A pair of black gloves, along with hand forms.
-- 1 package of tiny snaps
-- 5 foam stamps
-- 1 belt purchased for the leather straps.
-- 1 metal decorative thingie ... not sure what this was originally intended, but believe it will become an adornment on one of the totebags currently in progress

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