September 27, 2008


  • Applied two coats of polyacrylic to tamborine base.
  • Selected a piece of braided lace.
  • Selected and made 7 strands of beads.
  • Sewed the beads onto the braided lace.
  • Attached the lace to the top rim of the tamporine using E6000
  • Attached the new top using E6000.
  • Applied two coats of polyacrylic to the top, and over the lace


Although the beads hang over two of the cymbols, they do not interfer with the functionality. This piece was not rebuilt to be functional, however, it I tapped out a couple tunes with my new Alejandro Escovedo CD, and its quite sturdy.

I'm considering this one finished. It's going to be packaged up and sent to Pam as a housewarming present (probably with one of the guitars).

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