September 23, 2008


Tamborine1 I picked up this tamborine back before Jazz Fest and it's been sitting on top of the glass cabinet ever since. Thought that since I was working on the guitars, I might as well make this an instrument week, and do the Tamborine as well.


Removed the torn top and tossed out, along with the side braide. Removed the pins and the cymbols (put in a seperate envelope since I have a tendency to loose parts). Took out to the garage and lightly sanded to remove the finish.

Tamborine3 Pulled out the Book Pages and selected a painted page for the new drum. The circular area is 7". Cut two 7" circles and attached together (back sides of course) with adhesive spray. The two sheets will make the drum more durable (in case someone should not realize it is decorative and use it), as well as make it equally interesting from the bottom side.

Tamborine4 Selected a shade of orange acrylic paint that was probably used in this particular Book Page. Applied two coats of paint to all but the top edge of the wood base. Allowed to dry well between coats. Will continue (probably) tomorrow.

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