September 25, 2008

Totes 10 & 11

I've been working these two totes, along with the two guitars, a couple Rouse bags, an apron, and a couple of the Book Pages all together. Basically, pick & pour some paint, and then work however many things until the color runs dry, switching stamps as I go along.

Tote1006a Tote1106a Applied stamps, splotches, etc. to the two totes; then took to the back porch paint box. Applied gold spray paint to the orange tote and silver to the purple.

Next up with be decisions on ornamentation and setting back up the sewing machine to attach the scarf handles.

My pictures are looking a bit washed out, which is not representative of the actual totes. I was playing with settings the other night trying to figure out changes to take jewelry stills, and I've obviously got the whole thing messed up. ALAS ... a new project ... figure out the camera and learn to take better pictures.

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