September 13, 2008

Turban 1a

I came across a couple of my inventory scarves the other day that hadn't been put away. Getting totally sidetracked, I then pulled them all back inside, got out the ironing board and iron, mixed some starch and started ironing all of them. Ohhh ... what great colors and silky textures. Which got me to thinking about turbans and bandanas and scarves of other shapes. All or which comes back to the big 'S' word ... SEWING. Now, in the end of my mothers life, she would periodically comment about how hard it was to teach me to sew. But, it wasn't me. It was my sister ... the woman who whips out the most incredible quilts. Although I own a sewing machine, the truth is I bought it to do simple straight stitching on paper. I don't really know how to sew, and I almost always have difficulty reading a pattern. But, motivated to do something with those (probably 150+) scarves in the two storage containers ....

While at Hobby Lobby the other day, I stopped by the Fabric Department to look at patterns. I found a possibility for hats/turbans. It was a possibility in that two of the patterns called for scarf type fabrics. Of course, they didn't have it in stock and I had to go another 3 miles down the road to the only real sewing shop in 20 miles, where I was able to procur mcCalls 4116. The thought of turning out stunning turbans and scarves got me so motivated that I spent two more hours that evening looking at scarf & hat patterns online .... purchased two and they should arrive on more doorstep any day now.

Which brought me to this morning...

  • Pulled out the scarf containers and selected 4 of corresponding colors.
  • Opened up the pattern and cut it all out ... probably could have just cut the 4 pieces I needed for the selected turban, but what the heck.
  • Decided on color order of the scarves, pinned down the pattern pieces and cut-out.
  • Changed the machine thread and bobbin to yellow
  • Following the pattern, to the best of my ability, sewed the turban.

Now, there was a spot or two near the end when I wasn't quite sure what the pattern was reading, made a couple guesses, and wa-la, finished. And, it looks great perched on top of my iron !

Turban001a Turban001b

But seriously, I do like it. I'm going to give it a test run and take up wearing it through the next week to see how durable it is ... try washing it, ect. Then, I'll decide if there will be more to follow of this particular pattern. There is one more in the package I'll be trying. Also a turban but of a different style. I am also looking forward to the other two patterns to arrive.

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