November 24, 2008

Blue Detachable Collar Thingie

In my 'scarves' container (actually 2 containers now) I've a good half dozen of these winter (I assume knitted) scarves. I've picked them up for a quarter each (my max for this type of thing) because I like the softness of the texture. One ended up on the chest at the end of the bed where I looked at it in passing for several weeks (yes, behind on housework). Anyways, found myself thinking how these would look as a collar against a black turtleneck.

Moved the blue one from the bedroom to the studio. Cut a section of the circular scarf and then cut it open. Ironed it down onto a piece of fuseable web. Using newspaper, created a simple detachable collar pattern. Cut the blue scarf as well as a piece of cotton lining. Roughly sewed it all together. Didn't go to finish details ... was not worth of that and hadn't really intended it to be a finished piece ... or would have chosen better lining.

Well, it stands a little more thought. The fusable webbing has flattened some of the wonderful fiber effect adherent in these scarves. I also don't like the way some of the fibers hang over the edges ... gives it a 'shedding' look, although they are 'not coming loose.

I'm going to leave this on the sideboard for awhile to give further thought to either this idea, or contemplate what else to do with these scarves.

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