November 01, 2008

Pink Applique Scarf ' Lamintated Leaves '

Last month I picked up an instruction/picture book called "Scarves to Make" by Linda Lee. A pretty good book " and I don't give that kind of credit to many.
I'm not really interested in creating scarves from scratch (or rather bulk fabric), but more looking at techniques to alter a few of the scarves of been collecting.
Decided to start on something simple ... a couple pages called 'Laminated Leaves'. Basically, it applique.
  • Seleteced a pale pink wrap scarf with silver fibers stitched through as well as a dark pink sheer scarf. Cut some fabric bond to the size of the scarf.
  • Cut a sheet of HeatNBond to the size if the darker pink and ironed it on.
  • Traced and cut out the leaf pattern. Transferred it 87 times to the dark pink scarf and then cut each of them out ... a quite slow and boring task.
  • Layed out the light pink scarf and decided on placement of leaves. Pulled off the backing and ironed into place.
  • Selected a few random leaves here and there and cut out the center.
Pinkscarf I like how this turned out. The whole idea has great potential. I'm going to wear this a couple times during the week and check out durability. It's going to be a great long ... long scarf end slung over the shoulder while vacuuming ... sweeping ...

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