November 15, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday

Another small cold front came in last night and dropped the morning temps into the 50's; pretty nice.

Alot of sings up out there and I made stops at a good dozen. The theme for the day seems to be dishes. Most everyone had a good assortment of dishes. If I was still active in mosaic work, I'd have been having to contain myself .... but ....

Todays finds.
  • A set of fancy alphabet letters; pretty good size ... I'd say 1" letters. But, the E is missing. Who really needs an E anyways.
  • A little black purse. It, in itself is a pretty shoddy purse, but for a quarter, that's a nice 3' of heavy bracelet chain and a decent black leather tassle. Removed the chain and put it in the tumbler as soo as I got home to clean.
  • 3 pair of earrings. Think the dangly pair will become part of a zipper pull before the weekends out, the other two are sparkly affairs that are heading for inventory.
  • 1 silver conch belt. (I must have a good 15 of these now; hope the reason I keep collecting them becomes apparent soon.

Not an overly abundant day on the finds, but I did have a good time.

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