December 06, 2008

Seven Faucets

Faucets I think I picked up these seven faucets a good 5 or 6 years ago at the Restore. At the time, I was big on concrete sculpture and yard art and I often brought home items that were suitable for the elements to embed into concrete.

I've slowely been going through some of the old containers and relenquishing some of the items. Well, brought in the container labeled 'Faucets and Shims' last week to go through. This particular set of 7 caught my attention. What great form and structural interest. I dropped the rest into the box of items headed back to the Restore as donations and kept these 7.

I put them out on the bar and rearranged them periodically when I went by. Decided they should be mounted onto wood to become a wall sculpture. Then, as luck would have it, stopped by the almost finished construction site right down the road, and right there, on top of the discard stack, was the perfect board ... a bit muddy, but perfect all the same. Brought the board home, cleaned it off on the driveway and set it aside to dry.

Made a stop by Ace (the unfriendly hardware place), this morning and picked up 7 screws ... just the perfect size.

Now I just have to decide where I want to hang the finished piece, and if the orientation is horizontal or vertical (so that I know what colors I want to use in the base) and then I'll proceed.

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