February 22, 2009

Painting more Canvas

The truth of it all is, I really enjoy the paint. It's my favorite. I'm also enjoying creating the cuffs .. but painting is the best. Pulled out some canvas scraps last night and measured them out to 9"x10" and 9" x 12" pieces. There's also some border strips in here.

Pulled in a good 12 bottles of paint from the garage (I like to store my paint in poweraide bottles) and painted the canvas pieces in a variety of colors. Then, took out to the back deck and applied spray paint to most. Also found a 12"x12" painted canvas in the paint box. Guess I must have taken a piece from the last batch out there to apply a final layer and forgot about it ... a surprise.

Set up the workbench to start stamping, writing and general fun for tomorrow. I hope to get a couple hours in there anyways ... family gathering here next weekend and I really have to start picking up around here instead of just hanging out in the studio pretending the house isn't covered with 1/4" of dust.

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