February 08, 2009

WB04 : Red Painted Canvas Wrist Band / Cuff

Selected the red painted canvas (from the set just painted) and paired up with a corresponding piece of the yellow felt brought home from a yard sale yesterday. Stitched together on 3 sides. Selected a couple chain links from a salvaged belt and some beads from inventory. Handsewed the adornments into place from the inside.

Attached a hook clasp .... but, woops ... I don't like the way it connects, so removed and decided on Velcro. The Velcro is sticky backed but want to sew it into place so there will be no concern of it coming loose after some wearings. So, sat to stitch at sewing machine ... But woops ... the glue is super sticky and when the machine needle went through it, it picked up alot of the adhesive, got sticky and sewing, obviously, not successful. Cleaned the sewing machine needle with finger polish remover and started handstitching the velcro into place.

But then, Melodye called me back and Lilly was ready for dinner and other things to do ....

Will finish tomorrow.

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