February 07, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nice and warm morning ... upper 50's. A nice change from last week. Got a bit of a late start, not actually getting out until 8:30. There was only two ads in the paper which I was headed out for, but found another two in the circle.

  • 1 medium purple square scarf.
  • 1 pack (6 sheets) of yellow felt.
  • 1 fabric neck wrap thingie ... white with a tie in the back and ribbon flowers. I picked this up as I was interested in remembering the idea. Neck wraps could be an interesting application for some of the 'finds' I have hanging around here. (I'm going to pin it on the wall so it doesn't get buried and I forget it).
  • A jar with assorted thread spools. Although I'll use the thread (says silk thread), I'm most interested in the spools. They are wood, some very small, and look quite old).
  • 1 silver link belt. Links are both square and triangle. The links are built like jump rings where they can be opened and perhaps things added to them.
  • 2 crochet samples ... about 12" long by 5" wide. Note sure what the samples represented, but they are marked samples and an inventory number.
  • 1 long lamay belt.
  • A bunch of assorted necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I was at a 'Vintage Yard Sale' and under alot of unusual clothing I found a small bag of jewelry items. I was going to ask how much for each item when checking out (there was a table set up with numerous ladies). I handed over the bag and asked, and a woman said $2.00. I was like, for the whole bag? And she was like, yes. Well okay .... most of these items are marked (retail tags) between $6.00 and $30.00). Some great beads here.

All told, a pretty successful day in the finds department.

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