April 25, 2009

The Last Pull, for this week anyways

I picked these ornaments up at a yardsale over on Destin this morning. I'm not exactly sure of their original purpose; I guess for inclusion into a wreath, or perhaps tree ornaments of some kind. I picked them up because I thought the ends had potential.

Decided to use one now; since I already have the findings out. (The other 5 I've put into the drawer for inventory). Drilled a small hole in the top and inserted (along with some adhesive) a small eye hook. In the packet my sister sent were a variety of great translucent beads in blue/green shades. Added these too some amber beads that came off a necklace awhile back and put this piece together.

It looks a whole lot better than this picture shows ... honest. 

P.S.    I've listed it in my shop if you'd like a closer look. 

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