April 11, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today is the Crescent City Classic, which Beau runs each year with his Bro's .... (Which, I'm proud to say he finished in just 69 minutes. This is a great time figuring he's 65 and that his training period was brief this year due to a knee injury that had him on the injured reserve list for several weeks). But, what this means to me .... he's taking our only vehicle. This leaves me with only two situations; stay home or use my son's souped up Camaro. (I suppose there is only the third, rental car option, however, that's a bit exteme for yard sales). I opted to borrow Alex' car, which he was more than happy to offer up.

The paper listed two subdivision wide sales off Sharp Rd and I headed on over. Rosedown was having their semi-annual; which consisted of 2 houses, out of probably 200+; I found only one. The second subdivison was up the road (forgot the name), and it was a bit more prosperous; I think I went to 6 in there.

So, there I am, abit middle aged, abit overweight, driving around in a car that was difficult to get into without beating my head on the doorframe, and makes enough noise that folks turn to look. (Luckily he turned off the stereo system for me ... I looked complicated). So, after some contemplation about heading into Covington to see what was going on there, decided ... NAH, just going to go home. My 1 hour adventure was certainly enough for this week.

Find: One box of Fabric for $3.00.
  • Enough Felt to last me a lifetime, in quite a few colors
  • 6-7 different pieces of ribbon / lace
  • a Variety of Other Cotton and Silky Type Fabrics.
I've now collected quite a few fabrics. I wish I could figure out how to store this stuff; it's just so bulky.

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