April 04, 2009

Yet Another 3Fabric Bead Necklace ... Greens, Blues & Pastels

I pulled another 5 scarves from the 'oblong' container. Think these will finish off the remaining styrofoam balls I have onand. Completed 3 of them this afternoon ... between sorting through the yardsale stuff, sitting in the hot tub, etc. etc. etc.

Creating these are going much better. It's probably a combination of things ... my sewing skills are (I like to think), improving. I attribute this fact to how I'm now longer having long and ugly one side conversations with my sewing machine, and that I have a better understand of what scarves are good candidates of these necklaces. Who'd think that all scarves are not created equal !!!

I keep thinking that I need to order a couple more sets of styrofoam balls so I can make so more, and then my better sense kicks in and I think that perhaps I should wait and see if anyone likes these enough to buy them, and then I find myself thinking about buying more styrofoam balls, etc. etc. etc. Gosh, if they don't sell, I'd sure hate to find myself with 3000 of them in the attic in a couple year, but other the otherhand, gosh, I'm having a good time making them. And, so it goes ....

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