June 27, 2009

Marble Bead Experiment

I have a large collection of marbles left over from my mosaic days. I'm not sure why I've hung on to them; I just have. I've been thinking that I need to either do something with these or get rid of them as I could certainly use the space for something else (we're talking a 15 gallon container worth). Many of them are quite attractive so I went online and started researching how to convert them to a bead to use in charm bracelets. I found several sites that talked about ways to wire wrap them.

So ... pulled out some gauge metal (galvanized as I've not been creating anything requires the real silver) and my tools and settled down to play while watching a movie with Beau. It didn't go too well and I recycled each of the 8 attempts. Now, I only have two gauges of wire 16g and 20g and, of course, the directions called for 18g. So, that might have been part of the problem. Or, perhaps (which I'm sure is the case), that wirewrapping takes a great deal of practice, experience and talent ... all of which I seem to be lacking. But, the movie was over and I put the whole mess away to be reconsidered some other time.

Then, the next morning, I got to thinking about bell caps instead of wire wrapping ... SO ... out came some more supplies.

Here, I pushed the bellcap over the top of the marble and then further flattened with my needle nose pliers. Then, took it back off, and using a head pin, created a loop which I flattened to lay flush with the inside of the Bellcap. I then threaded the the head pin through the bellcap, applied some E6000 to the top of the marble, put the bellcap on the marble and applied some pressure to get a firm adhesion. Let them set up overnight.

This morning, I checked them and they see to ahere quite well ... nothing loose. So, cut the head pin shorter and formed he loop for hanging. I decided to attach the marble beads to a bracelet and wear for the next few days to see how sturdy and comfortable it is or isn't.

To be continued ....


Elizabeth said...

Hi!!! I like what you did with your marbles. How's it working? I had quite a few antique marbles n' old beaded jewelry that I covered a portion of my grandfathers wooden cane. I then added painted areas to the cane. Now I have a unique art object with a story behind it, and enjoy it propped beside the sofa... Thanks, you really have some nice pieces!

Lorrie Baudouin said...

Well, the marbles didn't work out too well ... by the end of the 2nd day, 2 of them fell out. I picked up a roll of 18g wire at The Box Yesterday and I'm going to give the wire wrapping a try again in the next couple days.

Lorrie Baudouin said...

Your cane sounds like a wonderful mixed media piece. Do you have pictures posted somewhere?