July 09, 2009

McCalls 5599 - View D ...

I started another purse two days ago, which I finished this afternoon. I didn't have any major issues; the reason it took so long is I just keep getting sidetracked. The computer is a major offender. I stop to look something up, and then, realize an hour has gone by. Plus, I'm still working abit at the retooling. And then, I woke up this morning thinking about those bracelets made from vinyl records and was then in the kitchen turning two old Grease LP's into bowls (which I'll give to Grans, as I have absolutely no use for them). We also decided on the paint colors for the bedroom, so went to Walmart (one of my least favorite places) and bought paint, and then, had to go to Spensers to get more tomatoe plants for the summer garden, and gosh, since we are there, might as well go into All Saints Thrift Store and see if they have sewing notions (which they did), and then, had to go by Sew This to get the matting for the new bed cover and then .... Well, you get the idea ... very easily sidetracked.

But, I did get the View D for McCalls 5599 finished this afternoon. It came out fairly well and I'm happy with it. I made one of those loop flowers and put on here, just for fun. I think it might need something else on the bottom red flap and I'll go through my 'found items' drawer tomorrow and see if anything jumps out at me. Then, I'll photo and get it ready to list in my shop.

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