July 23, 2009

My View 5 is Not So Good

I decided to try another of the View on the Simplicity 8393 Pattern .. a simple little girl/small hippie type bag. It has two pattern pieces and goes together quite simply.

Here's my attempt ... which I didn't bother to finish as it's apparent it has absolutely no future. I'd give it another try, but it's the view/pattern that has little future. The front and the back and completed and then sewn together which means the two would have to match up absolutely perfectly to look decent. I do like the look and I'm sure, at some time, I'll do something like this again ... but put together abit different.

So, Am I feeling down that so many of my bags are looking poorly. Well, absolutely not. It's the experience thing ... why some bags sell for $10 and some for $80 ... experience. I remember when I started making mosaics ... way back then ... I thought my original pieces were so wonderful. Then, a couple years later, when I'd come across them, I'd see how remedial they looked ... like they were made by a beginner. So thing with these pieces ... I'm learning and even if one is always better than the next, each one is a learning experience. And then, one days, when I have techniques under control, I'll be able to do what I have in mind ... mixed media design on a purse template.

One step at a time.

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