July 20, 2009

Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel & call it quits

Simplicity 8393: I came across this pattern, copyright 1978, at the Jewish Center sale and immediately scooped it up. Yep ... 1978 alright ... I probably had one similar to it.

I had committed to working on the coverlet today, but, that's was not destined to be ... I decided to start with View 3. Well, surprise be ... there is no lining on this pattern, and no bottom plastic reinforcement. Is it, just maybe, the 70's were just a simplier time .... no lining, no bras ... hummm.

Decided on a girlie girl type of thing and selected a pink floral and another solid pink for the lining (I know .. the bag has no lining). The pattern consists of two whole pieces ... upper panel and a round bottom. Sewed away ... things started going astray at the bottom. I got abit sidetracked (there was a Tom Petty piece playing on TIVO, which I love) and it didn't come out quite circular. Should have stopped, torn it out and started over, But No, Crawling Back to You came on TIVO and I continued on. Put together the lining and attached the two ... put on the laces and cut a bottom support .... and at a moment of inspiration, thought about that adhesive spray to hold the plastic support to the circular bottom and sprayed away. NOW, I know why I've never seen reference to that before.

Not only did the slight stray from circular make a huge difference in how it looks and sits, the spray makes everything stick together just like I didn't want it too. So, SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO THROW IN THE TOWEL AND CALL IT QUITS. I'll remove the top pink lace with the beads (it's worth the time) and the rest ... off to the garbage.

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