July 26, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, July 25th

Visited three sales this morning ... one at a church, one a sale for an animal rescue group and one over in Cherry Creek. All three were outside my normal circuit and, amazingly enough, I didn't even go to my usual ... hummm ... now I'll be wondering what I missed.

  • A good size stack of fabrics -- a whole bag full for $5.
  • A straw Purse .. I wanted the handles
  • Celebrity martini Purse Set ... ***
  • A red Sequin Purse ... I'm cutting off the sequin and the metal rings
  • A set of gold toned metal dominos (Hope I'll be able to put holes in these)
  • One Tie
  • Assorted Jewelry pieces

*** About the Martini Purse Set ... these are new with the tags still intact. I looked over them and can't find anything wrong. The two smaller bags are intended to go into the big bag. I plan on giving the big bag to Grans and using the two smaller bags in my purse to help organize some small items. The primary reason I bought it was the price .... 10 cents. Yep, 10 cents. Now, what are folks thinking (about this at the house in Cherry Creek). I don't know what they actually paid (the tag says $23.), but selling it for 10 cents ....

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