July 19, 2009

Yard Sale Sunday @ the Jewish Community Center/ Metairie

Yep Sunday. I saw the ad in Thursday paper for a sale on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 10am to 2pm. And, Beau agreed to go along. We headed out at 9:30, arrived at 10am and it was well in progress; alot of folks shopping. I immediately learned that everything was half off the marked price as this was actually the 2nd weekend. For me, it's a good thing that it was half off the marked price and the majority was priced well over what I'd be willing to pay ... and I'm always willing to pay a little higher for churches or charity groups.

Finds ...
... Some Jewelry odds & ends
-- A couple chain link belts
-- Several different fabric pieces (plus a bolt with about 4 yards by 54" nice upholestery fabric)
-- One of those pencil storage boxes I'm so fond of
-- Some huge decorative paper clips
-- A couple patterns, not shown

It was fun and a nice excusion for a Sunday morning.

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