September 29, 2009

Small Heart Pendants (Cutouts)

Some time back I picked up a few packages of thin wood cutouts at a yardsale.    I took these with me to Gator Fest last Saturday, along with  book of my painted pages, in case I needed something to occupy myself.  As it turned out, I'm sure glad that I did.    So, on Saturday, I traced a couple of the (mostly heart) shapes onto the back of a couple different painted pages and then cutout just abit inside the lines.     When I unpacked on Sunday, I'd tossed these onto my workbench. 

I'm feeling better today (the cold is improving), and decided to play in my studio awhile.   These seemed as good as anything.   Very simply, but time consuming.
  • painted front & back of each cutout (paper isn't going to line up perfectly)
  • Glued the matching piece of paper to front and backs of each piece
  • Applied two coats of polyacrylic to each side.  

Tomorrow I'll finish by drilling a small hole in the top.   I'm not really in the mood to make bracelets at the moment, so will probably just put them in inventory.

After dinner I continued my solder practice.  My skill level has moved slilghtly above remedial.     I typically do not practice longer than an hour; that seems to be the amount of time for fustration to peak.   So, I simply stop.      I'm planning on putting the one with the girl in the swing reading a book in the Louisiana Handmade Guild Call, so will need to finish it tomorrow morning. 

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