October 05, 2009

Lilly's Week

It's play week here.   A whole lot of fun and mess making going on here; but very little in the world of arts & crafts.     Lilly's momma, Nikki, is having a baby this week (with her new husband), and Lilly is staying with us.   She came last Wednesday, Momma is having the baby today and she'll probably stay a couple more days, at least until Momma gets home. 

So, we've been swimming in the hot tub every day, playing lots of ball, and petting the cat (who's an incredible sport).   Daddy & Mary have come to play a couple times and we took her to Destrahan for the LSU football game on TV; family party.  

It's been great, but grammie (me) is learning a whole new interpretation of exhausted.   Keeping up with a 14 month baby takes quite abit of energy (patience, fortunately, isn't one of my problems).

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