November 04, 2009

Blue Dog Minstrels, An Art Guitar

Almost finished putting together the purple guitar, which I'm naming Blue Dog Minstrels.   So let's see ...
  • Took apart a blue rosary and selected some thin silver chain and created the dangles that hang from the bottom strings. 
  • Selected a variety of beads, which were added to the strings, before they were secured in the upper brackets (still don't know the correct name for these parts). 
  • Took 7 of the 1" wood balls to the shed and drilled holes 3/4 through; large enough to slip over the string rods, and one for the very bottom.   Spray painted them a bright pink, then added in bits of purple stencil.  Finished with two coats of polyacrylic.   Secured in place with my favorite adhesive, silicone caulk.  Finished off with some very small purple beads in the center of each wood ball. 
  • Selected two pieces of art paper, cut-out and attached at the edge of the round opening.   
  • Attached a few what-nots here and there.   

Well, I'm happy with the exception of the way the pink stands out on the front.    I'm thinking I'll either tone it down with a purple wash, or  ???.   Plan is to hang it on the wall (as a mostly finished piece).   When I get the perfect plan, I'll proceed.  Now, just have to make a quick stop by the hardware store to get some more D-rings, which I use to hang these. 

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