November 07, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, 11/07/09

Nice chilly morning out there.   There were alot of ads in Thursday paper so knew the day had great yardsale potential.  Took Beau up to the trace and started out from there.   Just for fun, I kept track on a corner of the newspaper; I visited 17 yardsales in all.  

  • A three shelf rubbermaid stand.  I think these are meant to be used to store spices in a cupboard, but think it might have great display potential in my art tent. 
  • A purse that I bought for the bangles; going to cut them right off.
  • A purple and pink wood necklace
  • A small assortment of Jewelry pieces that will go to inventory
  • A container of marbles

Total expenditures = $4.00.    Beau was surprised when I came home (2 hours later) with just this.   But, I already have so many materials and supplies that I find I'm getting more and more selective.   I suppose I'd quit going out if it wasn't fun.

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