February 01, 2010

Vacacation, Days 8 & 9: The Carnival Miracle

Our booked ship, the Carnival Miracle, was delayed a couple hours due to a minor mishap in St. Kitts. This meant, that instead of all us passengers arriving and boarding over a three hour time span, all 2000 of us were all standing in one very long line when they began the embarkation process.    I must give them credit, however, the checked us, passed us through customs and got us on the ship in great timing and we sailed  only an hour late.   

There were 8 ships in the Port Everglades dock; a big vessel parking lot.   Around 5pm, we all began our journey out, spaced every 15 minutes or so.  The wind is blowing hard (someone said 24 knots), the waters are rough and there's a slight drizzle.  

This is the ship that departed right in front of us ... I wish I could have gotten a decent picture of us all in a row ... big ship rush hour.

Days at sea are fairly consistent and can easily blend one into the other.  Scattered between breakfast, lunch and dinner are activities, shows, three different pools, a casino and variety of bars and countless activities to keep one occupied, should they be so interested. 

One of my favorite activities is wandering the ship looking at the art which adorns the walls.

We were introduced to the works of  Itzchak Tarkey.   I love his bright, luminous colors and touch of whimsy.    His works would look most incredible in my home, however, this level of talent far exceeds my budget at this particular time.

Each night, after dinner, we like to go to the main lounge to see whatever is the show and then stop by the Karaoke lounge and Piano Bar for a drink to two.   Then, back to our room, where the room steward leaves us a couple chocolates and one of her towel sculptures. 

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