April 25, 2010

New Orleans Jazz Fest, Day 2

On the first day of Jazzfest, it poured down rain and turned the Racetrack grounds into a sectional mudfest.  The weather all Friday Night and Saturday morning stressed ongoing doom, gloom and torrential downpours.  Knowing that they frequently get it wrong, we headed out to the Fairgrounds anyway.   And, although we were slip and sliding through the mud in all the common thoroughfares, nary a drop did it rain!.   (Shame on Jazzfest for not putting down straw through the common walkways as done in previous years !)

As we are attending only one day of First Weekend, Jazz Fest, we had to go through both the Contemporary Art and Congo Marketplace same day.   I enjoyed almost all the works by this weekends artists.   It seems that mixed media assemblages are moving more and more center stage.   Two of my favorites were :

Stacy Brown 

In addition to His multimedia sculptures are a variety of other fine art pieces. 

John Sims
I was literally drawn into John' tent by silk.   He incorporates silk, as parts of closing or accessories, in a number of his fine art paintings.  These splashes are color and texture add a wonderful dimension that made me want to keep taking, just one more look.   Had I had the money, I certainly would have had to take at least one of these pieces home for a lot more looks.  

The food, as usual, was spectacular.   Our main point of musical interest was Simon & Garfunkle, but we also enjoyed the Marva Wright Tribute in the Jazz Tent, Cowboy Mouth and the Funky Meters.

Accura Stage did not start seriously packing into until 4:00.   It appears around 3pm many of those still heeding the weather forecast of doom and gloom, decided they were wrong and headed out.  As usual for 5pm at the Acura Stage, we became an almost solid wall of people. 

We love Jazzfest.   Next week we'll be attending Thursday and Sunday ....

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Lana Gramlich said...

The Acura stage ALWAYS ends up being a sardine can of sorts. Jazz Fest is definitely a blast, but I'm getting to the point where I can't handle the crowds (like many others.) Glad you're having a blast!