April 01, 2010

Tamborines No Longer in Waiting

Sometime back I brought home 4 Tamborines that were found at different yard sales on the same day.    They sat in the corner of my studio for awhile and then, after awhile, I hung them on the wall to get them out of the way.   I often glanced at them awaiting inspiration.   And, yesterday, it did !

Back in 1991 Beau and I took out first vacation.    Beau was taking me to the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and Carlsbad Canyon.    I thought we were going on a vacation, but, in reality, it was more like three weeks to physical fitness .... I never realized that he intended that we were hiking in all these places and I certainly wasn't in that level of condition.  (love can be so blind).   Anyway, while we were out on a stretch of highway leading towards Carlsbad, we kept seeing signs about an upcoming attraction.   You know, these signs every couple miles that tell you 'X place' is just ahead .... rock candy in 50 miles ... snakes is 48 miles ... hamburgers in 46 miles, etc. etc. etc.   And, we got to talking about how we could go to the middle of nowhere and build a 'Beau Town' and sell Gumbo and Jambalaya and post signs for 50 or more miles in all directions.   The conversation was a lot of fun.     It came to me as I was looking at the largest tamborine ... and well ... eat at Beau Ville will now, and for many years to come, grace the wall over my studio doors.

And, while I was at it; decided I might as well do the other three empty tamborines (or knockers) while I was at it !

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paula said...

wow you are on a tear with fixing up and completing projects that were looming. i'm getting all motivated over here to keep working on my art stragglers. i have to say i've never seen art tambourines and i'm liking these a lot!