May 28, 2010

Summer = Heat, Humidity and Yard Work

The calendar may still say Spring, but it's definitely Summer here in Southeast Louisiana.  We are in the low 90s, with, what feels like, humidity near the same.  Definitely early summer. 

Part of our summer ritual, of course, includes yard work.   Although Beau works in the yard almost daily, I only join him in one large weekly session, usually on Thursday or Friday.   He does the mowing and weed-eating; I do the edging, blowing and maintenance in the front flower beds.     This time of year the yard typically looks great.

 I planted Purple Cone flower seeds about 8 years ago.   Each year the clumps grow and this year they are especially abundant. 

 The Coreoposis is going gangbusters (dead heading them is becoming a solid part time job).  The red daylillies, right behind them, are just about ready to burst out.
I moved Super Dog (ready to fly over the garden in a single bound) to the front bed and planted some annual around him.   Normally the fern here is huge, but it froze to the ground during winter and is just now starting its rebound.
Beau has 32 tomatoe plants, 1 horn and 1 bell pepper in his garden this summer.   Any minute now, we will be having tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (Normally we are on vacation when the tomatoes first come in and the neighbors keep an eye on them .. woe is them this year. 

 On Tuesday, Lilly went out and did a water hose dance (with the Garden Gods looking on) to bring on some rain.   Alas, it didn't work and we'll be spending the afternoon today watering.


Unknown said...

Just beautiful! You've got lovely coneflowers, but I think your Lilly is best!

jane p said...

Isn't Lilly cute? I like them best this age. Oh, I like your super dog too.

Lana Gramlich said...

Your yard is lovely. Despite my initial attempts when we first moved in, nothing will grow here that wasn't here before us. I've officially give up, but fortunately we live in the woods with plenty of wildflowers. Summer for me means paying the lawn guy to cut the grass & staying inside to paint. Just too hot & humid to go out hiking with my cameras...blarg.