June 05, 2010

Back to the Beach Festival

Each year the Lake Pontchatrain Foundation. puts on the Back to the Beach Festival and, as long as we are not on vacation, we attend.  This is the 21st year; perhaps our 5th.    It poured rain for the few hours leading up to the event and we were pleased to see the sky clear and the sun come out.     We arrived at 6pm, right in time for the first act.     This is one of those typical events where, at the beginning, the crowd is quite light, and by the time the headliner takes the stage its quite crowded.  
So, I was sitting in my chair, sipping a diet Coke and stitching on a Padilly, when I noticed that we (the crowd) were largely a 40s plus crowd. ..  upwards to 70s.   I mentioned this to Beau, and he suggested that was because the groups were largely playing 70s and 80s music ... that generation that are now in the 40s to perhaps 70s.   (Like I should have known that !)   All those younger folks were at the places the younger folks go.   So, here we are at the start of the Festival ... just another member of the aging crowd.

 The music at this festival is primarily local bands.   We heard the Blue Meanies, and then Rockin Doopsie Jr, who was our primary draw for the evening.

If you've never heard zydeco music, or seen a washboard in action, here's a peak from a YouTube Video of Dopsie at the Louisiana Music Factory.

We enjoyed the sun setting on our beautiful lake.    Typically the banners for the event all ready 'Save or Lake' and this year, the additional banner of 'Save Our Gulf' was added.   Lake Pontchatrain empties to the Gulf where there is alot of back and forth flow.   We are optimistic that we will have this same crystal clear, and beautiful view, next year.

 Save our Lake ... Save our Gulf ... Mexico ... The East Coast ... etc. etc. etc.

We will probably head back to the festival on Sunday for some more music.

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Lana Gramlich said...

I once volunteered to help with their cleanup efforts. That was some years ago now. Looks like the festival was plenty of fun. :)