January 05, 2011

Hoodie Jacket Re-Do

Two years back we went to California for vacation and did the Coastal drive.   The weather was much cooler than we anticipated and we made a quick stop by a Target to pick-up something to keep us abit warmer.   For me, that was a plain Hoodie Jacket, that I recall, was on final clearance for $4.  (it being May and the demand for Hoodies apparently being low).  It did a good job.  When I got home, it was placed in the laundry closet, along with the other 'seldom worn' jackets.   Fast forward almost three years and I started the task of cleaning the closet.  (Still dabble in my downsizing concept .... with very little progress).   I tossed the Hoodie in the 'Give Away' box, then, started having second thoughts ..... maybe a Re-do is in order !

A couple hours later .... Hoodie Jacket Re-do.   Now, I know this isn't going to win any prices, but I will, most likely, wear it once in awhile.   AND, it felt really good having a creative thought.

Completion of the closet awaits some other day.

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