January 27, 2011

McCalls Advertising Page Embroidery Sewing Patterns

I am what you may call a 'Stacker'; loose odds and ends of books, magazines, loose papers are stacked in a corner of my studio beside the printer. They all have a purpose. Sometimes it's something I want to try, think about, or just don't know what else to do with at the moment. Right now, the stack must be close to two feet tall. But, that really is beside the point.

Yesterday I was digging through the stack and came across this single piece of paper.  My guess is it came out of a lot of patterns and was simple put into the stack. 

Some of the pattern numbers at present over at Wikia Vintage Patterns.  Based on that, the page must be from early 1940's as I've found dates between 1937 and 1942.      

This is delightfully fun !    Enjoy.


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Miss Val's Creations said...

There must be tons of fun items in the stack! I love the McCall's vintage drawings! ~Val