July 24, 2008

Book Pages


I've decided to take whatever amount of time interests me and play with this paint process. I'm paint pages in the scrapbooks ... now seem to be working among three of them. I have several more, should they become necessary. I really like having them in these books ... can easily flip through the pages and they are consolidated ... versus lying all over my studio space. My current plan is to work through paint techniques in the various books and magazines I've accumulated. I'll layer them on top of each other in the scrapbook pages .... forming grafatti, I guess. When I get tired of this, I'll decide where to go next ... how I'd like to use pages, or not.

I started working through 'Canvas Remix' today. I bought this book off Amazon last week, as it is by Alisa Burke, the artist who sparked my interest with the magazine article on Grafatti painting. The book is quite a disappointment. The paint techniques are mostly a rehash of the common ones in almost every book, along with some that are so incomplete they are difficult to follow. The projects give one just enough info to trully get into trouble. But, since I spent the dollars, decided to start with these techniques. Again, nothing really new ... but practice with blending and spattering proved entertaining. Added bits to several of the pages and created a first start on another half dozen.

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