July 25, 2008

Book Pages

Last night I read in one of the magazines that nice effects could be made by put colored tissue paper on wet paper and letting it dry. Soaked a sheet of paper , layed on vivid purple paper and left to dry overnight. Well, there was some color transfer, but I'd call the color pale purple. Interesting though the the piece of tissue paper seemed to be just as vivid. Folded it back up and put it back in the tissue paper bin.

Continued painting on the book pages. Today I pulled out the 'Collage with Color' book by Jane Davies. This is a much better book that the Canvas Remix; better detail in pictures as well as descriptions. Much was a repeat, pallet knife, wet on wet, spatter. It was fun, however, and depending upon the page, I'm somewhere between layer 1 & 3. As I have leftover bits of paint I start a new sheet. I find it intriguing as the feel of a page changes with each layer and I'm working hard not to plan to far ... just move on to the next page with a corresponding color for that page.Book04

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