July 26, 2008

Book Pages

Enjoyed a good three hours in the studio today.


Did some of the usual stenciling, but experimened with some plastic doillies and a old shoe sole I found in a parking lot (had come off the original shoe and is now a part of my 'textures' toolbox). (( In fact, I'm on an official hunt around the house for textures )).

Worked through a couple more pages in the "Collage with Color" book. Tried spritzing and although I got an interesting result, can't say it looks anything like the book examples. I'll give it another try though. Also did some splatter work ... flinging paint onto waxed paper and then laying gently on the sheet of paper. Also quite fun ... in fact, the only part of this that has not been enjoyable is the frequent trips to the kitchen to wash the brushes, stamps, stencils, etc. I continue to create 1st step of new pages as I'll need them for photo transfer and text printing. On all the others (perhaps 50), I'm at either the 2nd or third steps. I'm no longer following the original guideline from the Canvas Remix book ... just doing what I want.

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