July 21, 2008


Set myself up a spray paint box out of a big plastic tub ... it's new useful designation. Took it outside with the placemats and, using gold spray paint, added 6 stars to each of the placemats. Let dry a couple hours.

Added 'dinner' and 'lunch' to each mat in dark blue. Added black Smiley Faces and Circles (from the cooking spray lid). Added a Japenese stamp (not sure of the meaning) in green.

Mixed some light brown and glaze and spread some around. Used a light lime green and an onion sack and added a boxy type design. Lightly outlined the stars with permenant ink. Took back outside and put another light mist of gold spray paint on each (inside the new designated box, of course).

I'm not warm and fuzzy yet. Think they need a semi-transparent borber, and something more. Will re-evaluate tomorrow.Pl103 Pl104_2

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