July 21, 2008

Tote 2

-I picked this cloth canvas bag up yesterday from Hobby Lobby. It, being white, should be a much easier start than the 1st black bag.
Book, Canvas Remix said to apply a wash to the inside of the bag ... which I did. I teal blue type color mixed 1/4 paint to 3/4th water. Got a little overexuburant with the wash and end up with quite a mess. ... splatter all over table top, on the tile floor, down the front of my frock. So, had to spend the next hour cleaning. I admit the cleaning off the desktop was something I was really needing to do, but didn't much appreciate having to get out the mop, because then one can't just mop the one spot. Next time I have to apply a wash to fabric, I'll take it outside to the paint box. Tote201
Let the wash dry, turned the bag right side out and applied acrylic paint in the same teal blue and a shed red. (Call it shed red as it's the paint leftover from painting the shed). This went much smoother than the black bag. One heavy coat seems to be doing it.
I'm going to work the 1st and 2nd bag together ... Different colors, but together.

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