July 20, 2008


Decided to give the Grafatti a try on canvas. Thought a good starting point would be to create something useable and then give it a bit of a stress test. Placemats ... with potential design beyond tomato gravy..
  • Pulled out roll of canvas (literally .. kept under the bed).
  • Measured and cut 4 pieces of primed canvas at 19" x 14". Pulled out the iron and ironed in the edge and the 1" border around the piece.
  • Set up the sewing machine and all was not well. Needle didn' want to go through the three layers of canvas. Changed the needle to heavy and then had trouble with tension and thread breaking. So, moped around a bit and then headed off to Chili's for family dinner, where my SIL suggested that perhaps I also needed a heavier thread. UH ... did I mention that I've never been much of a sewer and I find it quite interesting that I keep getting drawn this way. (was actually looking at patterns online the other night). So, lacking heavier thread and no local store to buy thread ...
  • Pulled out the iron-on hem tape and used it to handle the seams. It seemed to work okay, but if I should do this again, think I'd rather sew them.
  • Brought in some red and orange paint from the shed. Think this should make a bright foundation for the start. I've not painted much on canvas before and found that it took two coats to get good coverage.
Layed it out to dry overnight.Pl102_2Pl101

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