August 24, 2008

Beaded Brooches

I've decided that I've either got to start doing something with all this jewelry I'm collecting, or I've got to stop collecting it. I'm going to try to devote at least a day a week to playing with the jewelry ... (It's actually quite fun). Then, I'll be able to make the decision if this is my line, or move on.

Puled out the numerous 'jewelry' containers and started sorting them out by type ... beads, suitable or pendants/hanging and other.

Decided on ornaments for these two pieces and then cut the bases from an old AOL CD (guess collecting those as well was a good idea). These pieces are mostly beads as well as whole earrings and a few sparkly gems that were from bracelets/

Broocha I'm wanting 1 1/2" pinbacks for these and all I have is 3/4" and 1". So, ordered some online (an Etsy supplier, of course). When they come in, I'll finish putting these together.

(Picture not too great .... the old camera is not good for this type of closeup, and don't like to use the new camera as it's pixel heavy and eats up lots of space.)

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