August 25, 2008

Tiger Brooch

Decided this morning to put together another brooch. I selected one of the gold tiger heads (taken apart from a set of button covers), some purple & gold beads to the ornamentation.

Cut out a circle image from an AOL CD. Buffed the edges to remove sharper edges. Took the the garage and drilled through 7 holes for the hanging beads with the dremel.

Broochb Covered front & back with art papers and applied layers of decoupage. After drying, attached Tiger head with E6000; strung the beads with pins heads and clasps and hung on the brooch.

I've ordered some pin backs that can also be pendants and will finish this when they come in.

Then, spent the next hour cleaning up, putting everything back where it belongs and a little more organizing. (I have space for two distinct work areas, just need to get a little better oranized and learn to quit piling stuff on the second work area ... like the laptop, books, yard sale finds, etc).

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