August 12, 2008

Book Pages


In one of the Somerset Studio books, there is a short article on creating edge stencils from heavy weight. Other than it being an 'uh duh', decided I'd make a few to get some new shapes going on. Pulled out some heavy constructions paper and cut a few side designs, along with a couple regular stencils (not for edges). I started thinking that if I water proofed them they might hold up longer to paint moisture. So, took to the porch and saturated with Water Seal. Let them dry thoroughly.

Then, I got to thinking ... why work with paper when I have an entire box of transparencies ... (another uh-duh moment). So I pulled back out the hole punches my friend Carol gave me and started punching into the transparency. Went well on regular circles, but became a major issue with a sun shape ... the transpancy is too thick for the hole punch. So, if I decide I'm going to make more using the transparencies (which would definitely be more durable than paper), I''ll have to use the x-acto knife to cut out shapes.

Anyway .... tried out a couple of the paper stencils and they held up quite well. The waterseal does a great job at sealing out the moisture.

Spent a couple hours working on the various pages. My plan tomorrow is to start experimenting with image transfers.

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