August 15, 2008


Trio01 I picked up these 3 pictures at the yard sale this morning for $1.00 each. The frame insets are 29 1/2" long and 10" wide. I believe they are 'older' frames in that the paper backing shows they were framed in California and the abbreviation if Calif versus CA ... should date it back into the 70's or earlier.

-- Removed the backing, pulled out the tacks and remove the pictures.
-- Lightly sanded.
-- Cleaned
-- Cut 3 pieces of corrugated plastic board to 29 1/2" x 10.
-- Cut 3 pieces of canvas to same measurements.
-- Using spray adhesive, attached the canvas to the corrugatd plastic board.
-- Repaired a couple loose corners and then recaulked aall of the corner joints, front & back.
-- Placed the canvases into place and secured with new grazier points.

Hope to be able to start painting tomorrow afternoon .. although tomorrow is rather full-up on chores and obligations.

Note: I dont believe these pieces will remain named Trio ... but I've got to call it something, and, well, that's what it is at this stage ... a set of three

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