August 15, 2008

Yard Sale Friday, August 15, 2008

One of the Covington Women Groups is having a community yard sale at the Parish Fairgrounds to raise funds to finish the iron fence at the cemetary. Good cause; had to go even if its far out of the circle. Even Beau went, however, as soon as he found a book, he headed back to the car.

Yss081508 I picked up a big white plastic bag at the edge of a table, it looked like it contained yarn and scarves. One of the group came over and said the bag was junk and they weren't putting it out, but if I wanted it, I could have it far a dollar. Well, the couple scarves I had pulled looked rather nice, so, agreed to the dollar. Got this home, and found that it actually contained close to 70 scarves, 5 neck cowles, a couple button on collars and two very old fashioneed night caps, as well as 12 skeins of very lightweight white yarn. The problem with bringing this type of thing home is that it becomes quite a timeconsuming chore sorting through it. Scraves to keep, those for the garbage, those to give to Grans. Then, of course, the keepers then have to be washed and folded. And then, had to dedicate a whole second container to storing them. By the end, decided that this should be more than enough scraves to complete any future project that might pop up and I can now discontinue picking up scarves. (Oh, how I hope I can follow through on that). The yarn, I'm giving to my neighbor, who knits incredible fringy shawls.

Other finds:

  • A box of old fashioned shoe ornaments. Think these will make interesting attachment to zipper pulls.
  • 4 old Vogue patterns.
  • A plastic storage box

  • 2 pair of old clip earrings, one bracelet and two pins. One ... not sure what it is, but it's magnatized
  • 3 tiny metal boxes ... great to give small jewelry pieces.
  • 3 rubber stamps.
  • A metal pie plate. I've been using the styrofoam plates lately, which I dislike as they are not recycleable. This one I'll be able to rinse and reuse.

  • Long notecards. When I ship an artpiece sold on Etsy, I like to include a thank you note and a bookmark. These long cards will work nicely.
  • 3 picture frames (not shown) that will be my nice project.

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