August 06, 2008

Tote 1

Tote106 Tote107

Applied more stamps and then took out to the back porch spray box and added more spray paint stencils. Let dry up a couple hours.

Then, applied a coat of PolyAcrylic and let dry thoroughly.

Brought two really big snaps out of the sewing box and put on the inside of the bag, just inside the handles so the bag can close.

I like it. It's brigt, colorful and quite fun. The only negative is the paint roughens the texture of the fabric. I recall reading in some magazine that acrylic paint is permenant afteer drying/curing. This doesn't seem to me that it would be correct ... since acrylic paint is water soluble ... but I'll have to test. Sometime in the next couple days I'm going to paint up a sample piece of fabric, let it sit a couple days and then put it few the next few wash loads ... see what happens. Particularly since I think a tote bag should be washable

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